Monday, 6 February 2012

I got it back, haahhahahaaaa

Today I am happy to get my back. It was my first blog over which I worked and earned. Besides the earnings, there are lot of golden memories attached with this blog name.

My this blog was the first blog for solved virtual university assignments. VU administration noticed this because it became so popular blog for virtual university students. Finally, VU administration reported google for this and to watch dogs. They banned my whole account and my all blogs attached with this account got deleted.
There were lot of my precious blogs with this account and all gone. ;(

I just checked today and it was available again, I registered it. hahahahaaaaa

However, it will not be VU students blog anymore, but I will make it my personal blog.

Thanks to all of you for reading.
Abid Ali
CEO at Zoom SEO Services